Garden Etiquette

The Alaska Botanical Garden strives to provide a place of peace, beauty, inspiration, education, and safety for the quiet enjoyment of our visitors.

The Garden is a living museum, a collection of gardens for the study, culture, exhibition, and display of plants. We encourage our visitors to explore, learn, and enjoy – in exchange, we ask you to be respectful of our plant collections and considerate of fellow visitors.

General Garden Etiquette (Rules):

Please help us preserve a safe, peaceful, and friendly atmosphere, and a secure habitat for our plants and wildlife, by heeding these few simple rules:

No smoking.
• No pets – documented sight-enabling guide dogs only.
• No motorized vehicles.
• No parking or  blocking the driveway – please use the Benny Benson School parking lot.
• “Leave no trace” – take everything you brought into the Garden, out with you when you leave.
• No food or food trash, except in the Nursery / Gift Shop area.
• Remain on trails at all times. Do not step into planting beds or on any rocks, walls, benches
• All children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
• No harvesting, or removal of plants, seeds, fruit, fungi, feathers, wild animals, birds, rocks
• Do not disturb or move plants, signage, plant labels, or containers.
• Do not feed, harass, or approach wildlife. Please report all bear, moose, lynx, etc. sightings
• No bicycles, skating, skateboarding, rollerblading, kites, balls, portable stereos, or frisbees.
• As a courtesy to other garden visitors, please refrain from loud noises, screaming, etc.
• All facility rentals, weddings, photography sessions, and events must be pre‐scheduled and paid in advance.

Call the Main ABG Office line with questions or to schedule weddings, photography, or facility rentals: 907‐770‐3692 ext. 0

Photo & Video Policies 

(See also “Photography at the Garden”)
Click Here for Photography Guidelines & Rates
General Visitors

Still photography and videotaping for personal use is permitted throughout the Garden. Photography and videography is permitted for private, noncommercial use only.  To avoid damage to collections and disruption of visitors and Garden activities, photographers and their equipment are restricted from garden beds and may not block or interfere with normal pedestrian traffic. By your presence in the Garden you consent to the use of photographs and video of you in promotional materials for the Garden.

Commercial & Special Occasion Shoots

Any photographer, videographer or artist who intends to use images of the Garden for commercial, professional, advertising, or promotional purposes must pre-arrange a shoot.
All photography shoots, which utilize professional equipment (i.e. tripod, lights, detachable flash, umbrellas, etc.) must be pre-arranged and require a Photography Permit.

Both commercial and special occasion shoots require fees commensurate with the demands placed on the Garden by the shoot.