ABG Workshop- Beeginner’s Mind

‘Beeginner’s Mind’ – Setting an intention for happy and healthy hives and beekeepers

Learn the very basics about bees, beekeeping, and products from the hive from local bee expert Maria D’Agostino. We’ll talk about what you need to get started, how to set up, and what happens in the hive – how you can help your bees do what they do best! We’ll also talk about how to take good care of yourself, do some hands-on equipment review, and taste some local honeycomb.

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ABG Workshop: Composting 101

Compost is an amazing resource! It builds soil structure, fertility, and tilth and helps grow healthy, nutrient rich soil. You can successfully build compost for your garden with the right tools and knowledge. Join Will Criner for a hands-on workshop all about compost.

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