Shop In The Garden, Alaska specialties supporting garden growth

Did you know, when you purchase a packet of seeds from our Shop In The Garden, it enables us to buy a packet of vegetable seeds to grow for our Anchorage Centennial Heritage Garden? When you buy a gift card or post card, we can buy annual plants for display pots. With your book selection, we can purchase a perennial plant for any of the demonstration gardens. And a little bit from each sale supports the staff that can answer the tough gardening questions posed to us by locals and visitors alike.

Items, plants, seeds available at Alaska Botanical Garden's Shop In The Garden

Seeds available at Alaska Botanical Garden’s Shop In The Garden

Every staff member of the Alaska Botanical Garden that you encounter is here because they are passionate about horticulture, ecology, growing food, and helping visitors learn how plants thrive in our region. ABG is the only educational display garden resource in south central Alaska. We are here thanks to the generous support of members, donors, and grants. Everything we do at the Garden is for the benefit of the community, the purpose of a non-profit organization. Revenue from the Shop contributes funds on a predictable schedule which helps us plan our yearly programs.

Birch bark earrings, birch syrup, tundra soaps, wildflower soaps, local photography, and plant books by local authors are items that speak directly about the Garden’s botany. That packet of seeds you purchased, it’s not just one of a pre-assembled rack. Each variety of seed offered in our shop is selected because it has been proven to grow well in Anchorage. Although we are here to answer your growing questions, we want you, the gardener, to feel confident in selecting any packet of seed and know it will grow here.

Items, plants, seeds available at Alaska Botanical Garden's Shop In The Garden

Items made from plants grown in Alaska.

By offering Alaska made products in our Shop, we help support a community of creative individuals and entrepreneurs. Solicitations arrive in our mailbox every day from all over the country. There are beautiful items made outside of our state that are botanically themed. However, ABG works hard to purchase in state, not only to offer Alaska made, but to reduce shipping costs and resource waste.

Hand collected tundra botanicals go into every heartfelt beauty product crafted by Arxotica in western Alaska. Fireweed honey provides the base for the delectable lip balms blended by Denali Dreams in Anchorage. Visual artists from all over the state draw, paint or photograph iconic Alaskan images that make up the gift card selection we offer. For our foodie visitors, hand tapped birch trees yield earthy sap that goes into the syrups and caramels from Alaska Wild Harvest. Years of trials led Alaska Berries to select the perfect haskap bushes from which fruits are turned into jam. Responsibly collected Chaga, Alaska cranberry jam, and Kat’s Epic Bites, round out our locally made edibles that harness the quality of tasty state grown gems.

Rare treats are grown in the Garden and offered for sale each summer. ABG is graced by the presence of the Herb Study Group during the active growing season. This group lovingly tends to the Herb Garden. Savory herbs respond in-kind and each week trimmings are made to keep plants healthy. You, the visitor, can be the beneficiary through your purchase of fresh, organically grown herbs and vegetables. Every bunch you take home gives ABG the possibility to acquire more herb varieties, compost, and soil amendments.


Fresh herbs from our herb garden.

Sometimes when you travel, you may feel overwhelmed by every attraction you visit presenting you with a retail shop as you walk in the door. Remember, whether it is a botanical garden, museum, or theater, sales from their shops add value to the educational programs the non-profit offers. A gift shop allows visitors who may not want to become members to support that organization in a way that suites the visitor best.

Staff works in the Garden year around searching for the most interesting and educational products relating to our place in the state. We also have educational staff working with school children every day, teaching the youngest generation how to grow and appreciate plants as food. Every dollar that comes into the Alaska Botanical Garden is spent with our mission in mind, to educate the public on the beauty and use of the plant world. We hope you think of the Shop In The Garden when you need a special gift that conveys your desire to share unique Alaska treats with your family, friends, or party hosts.

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