School Field Trips at the Garden

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Schools in the Garden

Below are some of the available themes for each grade level. We can also tailor a special tour to your specific day camp or group needs.

K-1st– Soils Rock!  (Rocks, Soil and Decomposers)

2nd– Garden Cycles (Soils, Seeds and Roots)

3rd– Trees and Plants (Forest Health, Decomposers and Native Plant ID)

4th– Life cycles (Plants and Insects)

5th– Ecosystems (Soils, Food Chains, Energy Flow)

6th– Compost and Soils (Soil Testing, Building Compost)

ASD Schools can schedule field trips Tuesdays-Thursdays only: September 1st-October 8th, 2015  and May 3 – May 19, 2016

Non-ASD schools and home school groups can schedule Mondays or Fridays September 1st-October 8th, 2015  and May 3 – May 19, 2016

Cost: $10/student (teachers and chaperones free)

ASD Teachers of kindergarten through sixth grades must fax a Community Resources Request Form to 742-4137 to  arrange for a 3-4 hour excursion to visit the Alaska Botanical Garden. If you are a non-ASD school, please call ABG at 907-770-3692 to schedule.

Tours include 3-4 rotations of about 40 minutes each including: a garden tour and hands-on lessons. The lessons are designed to support Anchorage School District Science curriculum and align with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). The lessons integrate literature, math, and lots of fun!

Participants need to be prepared for all types of weather since there are no indoor facilities. There are port-a-potties available. Areas are available to eat sack lunches. The program can accommodate 2 classrooms or up to 60 students per field trip.

For more information, call ABG at 907-770-3692

For summer activities, consider our Junior Master Gardener Program or Story Time in the Garden.