It’s not too late to Pick.Click.Give.! If you have already filed for your 2015 PFD you can make additions to your Pick.Click.Give. contributions through August 31st.

As we celebrate Anchorage’s Centennial, the Alaska Botanical Garden is growing a public garden that celebrates all forms of gardening in Alaska using sustainable practices with an eye on the future. Where we are 100 years from now will depend greatly on sustained community support.

In 2015, we are adding new events to broaden our audience, formalizing our research program, building two greenhouses and celebrating the addition of the NEW Heritage Garden in concert with Anchorage’s Centennial!

Our children’s outreach has significantly expanded to serve eight title one schools through the 21st Century Learning Center and their after school program. Children are growing their own herbs and vegetables in the school to gain an understanding of where food comes from. This program provides excellent science education that is limited in the current school curriculum.

Also in 2015, we will be offering special days in the garden for educators, firefighters, police officers and service members past and present as a way of acknowledging their role in our community. Your support through Pick.Click.Give. enables us to offer programs like this. Please consider the Alaska Botanical Garden as you file your 2015 PFD.

Your donations help us better serve the community through education, preservation, recreation and research.

Donating is as simple as pick, click, give!

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