Pick.Click.Give for the Alaska Botanical Garden!


In 2015, we received over $8,000 from generous supporters like you who love the Garden and the work that we do. If you gave last year, THANK YOU!!!


For 2016, consider this:

  • hundreds of Anchorage School District students, many of whom are low-income attending Title I schools benefit from ongoing garden education in after-school programming where they grow their own food and share it with their families at special school events
  • thousands of visitors from all over the world come to the Alaska Botanical Garden to see northern, organic gardening at its best in the land of the midnight sun
  • every spring the Alaska Botanical Garden hosts an educational conference and a spring plant sale for gardeners
  • each summer, we host dynamic events that let our supporters enjoy food, friends and good cheer when the Garden is in full bloom
  • in 2016, the Alaska Botanical Garden will begin an ambitious project to build two greenhouses. These greenhouses will transform our horticultural and educational operations. One greenhouse will include heated, year-round, public restrooms to replace ‘temporary’ port-a-potties (we have used ‘temporary’ port-a-potties for well over 15 years…) opening up possibilities for more weddings and other events.


So, in this year of celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Alaska Botanical Garden’s Herb Garden, we invite you to support the Alaska Botanical Garden through Pick.Click.Give.


To learn more about us, visit our web site at www.alaskabg.org and consider joining us at our annual meeting and reception at the BP Energy Center on March 2, 2015 from 7:00-8:30pm. It will be informative and fun, we promise you that!


The Alaska Botanical Garden is committed to education, preservation, recreation and research. Donating is as simple as pick, click, give!

For more information about Pick.Click.Give click here.

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