Guided Gardening: Home Soil Assessments

Thursday, July 26th


$30/members and $40/non members

PLAYING IN THE DIRT: Home soil texture assessments – how to get your soil to grow what you want based on how it looks and feels!┬áThis “course” will help gardeners use their eyes and hands to assess many different types of garden soils. Participants will discuss ways to alter their baseline soils to create functional garden soils by adding composts, manures, sand, peat, etc. This presentation will also discuss general tips on macronutrient additions without getting soil analysis from a lab. YOU WILL GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY!! Bring a few cups/bag of YOUR garden soils to get specific questions asked.

After eight years as faculty with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Jodie Anderson has lots of experience with the Alaska gardening scene. She is currently a certified professional soil scientist who is the Alaska Farm to School Program Coordinator in Palmer with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Agriculture. Her former research focus was community gardening, compost development, soil building, and organic nitrogen soil supplements.


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