Grow the Alaska Botanical Garden through Pick.Click.Give.!


At the Alaska Botanical Garden, Pick.Click.Give. supports great education and beautiful gardens! Donate this year when you sign up for your Alaska PFD.

In 2017, we are trying to raise $20,000 through PCG and we need your help to do so. What does $20,000 mean for ABG?

It will help us maintain gorgeous, professionally designed display gardens in a wild setting unlike anything anywhere else on the planet and to so organically! It helps us provide garden education for thousands of Anchorage students and hundreds of Alaskan gardeners and volunteer opportunities for avid and would-be gardeners alike. And it helps us put on great events like our Earth Day celebration, BeerGarden and Wine in the Woods. On top of that, it helps us welcome over 35,000 tourists which is a boost to our local economy. All this in a beautiful and serene setting.





Join us through Pick.Click.Give.!


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