Check out our Current Greenhouse Construction Project!

Phase I Grand Opening on April 22, 2017 for Earth Day!

Phase II, The Verna E. Pratt Memorial Greenhouse Breaks Ground this Summer!


Greenhouse Rendering (002)

SUSTAINABILITY:  These new greenhouses will enable ABG to grow without relying on shipping from the far off places. Reducing our carbon footprint and annual plant and shipping costs will allow ABG to function sustainably.

EDUCATION:  These greenhouses will showcase advances in northern greenhouse design and growing, and become a focal point for botanical information and expertise, educational garden programs, and environmentally sustainable practices.

COMMUNITY:  The Verna E. Pratt Memorial Greenhouse will position ABG as a resource and partner for botanical studies from across the state and around the globe. It will also allow ABG to grow our Garden’s rare and hard-to-find plants for sale to new and experienced gardeners alike.

VISITOR SERVICES: The new nursery greenhouse will include public restroom facilities so that visitors will no longer need to experience temporary chemical toilets. This is far better for our visitor and the environment.

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Currently under construction, this greenhouse is angled to maximize sunlight and green-roof ready design. This greenhouse is heated primarily with a ground source heat pump for improved sustainability. Grand opening on Earth Day, April 22, 2017.

Update: March 2, 2017

At ABG’s Annual Meeting last night we announced that an anonymous donor stepped forward from our membership and volunteer corps to donate $50,000 towards the Greenhouse project! This is one of the largest one-time gifts received at ABG. The donor’s two stipulations were to remain anonymous and to name the greenhouse after Verna Pratt, wildflower and rock garden educator, writer, self-taught naturalist and long-time Alaskan who recently passed away. We at ABG couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Verna and her life’s work. The Board of Director unanimously voted to accept the gift and naming request.

For more on Verna Pratt, click here.

June 6, 2016 We just broke ground on a new, energy efficient, state-of-the-art, multi-season, 1,200-square-foot nursery greenhouse and public restroom facility. ABG will also construct an additional 1,350-square-foot research and development greenhouse in 2017.

ABG urgently needs these production greenhouses to propagate perennials and to grow annual plants and vegetables for our expanding collection, gardens, research, community outreach and nursery. Shipping plants to Alaska is increasingly cost-prohibitive both ecologically and financially. In addition, many of the specific varieties of plants needed for the Garden’s educational, display, sales, and research purposes are currently unavailable. We plan to grow our own.

The new nursery greenhouse will be extremely energy efficient, informed by best practices for sustainable, high-latitude greenhouse design. When completed, the greenhouse will showcase the role of green design in sustainable gardening and demonstrate ABG’s commitment to ecologically sound development.

Canadian and Scandinavian greenhouse research has changed arctic and sub-arctic design. This research is vital to achieving success in Alaska – where the growing season is short and heating and lighting costs are high. ABG’s new greenhouses will utilize technological advances in heating, glazing, and insulating to enable ABG to produce plants throughout the year.

The new building also includes much needed public restrooms that will replace chemical-based rented portable toilets. This will vastly improve your experience as a visitor, lessen our environmental impact and increase ABG’s ability to attract larger organizations and those interested in renting the Garden for weddings and other special events.

The new research and development greenhouse will extend ABG’s growing season and production capabilities using passive solar heating. This will enable horticultural staff, volunteers, and local university students to conduct research, and increase ABG’s productivity for garden displays and nursery sales that support our education, research, and horticultural activities.


The Nursery Greenhouse will open on Earth Day, April 22, 2017.

The Verna E. Pratt Memorial Greenhouse will open in the Fall, 2017.

Together, these two new greenhouses are ABG’s largest capital project to date. They will transform our horticulture and research programs and are an important step towards realizing our dreams of becoming a world-class botanical garden with an eye on ecological and economic sustainability. Foundations and generous donors like you have supported this effort but we need to raise additional annual operating funds. Please consider a donation to help us continue this important work.

Your donations matter.

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This project’s success stands on the shoulders of the generous donors and foundations listed below. Thank you!


Rasmuson Foundation
M.J. Murdock Trust
Atwood Foundation
Rachel & David Andrews
Michael Ardaiz
Mary & Alan Barber
Jeff Barnes & Barbara Symmes
Pamela Branche
Susan & Don Brusehaber
Leah Buron
Maren Carey
Cindy Drinkwater & Clarke Pelz
Robin Dublin & Hilary Morgan
Erma MacMillan & Sean Elder
Heather Flynn
Charlotte Fox & Michael Stinebaugh
Erin Hamilton
Jana Hayenga
Gail & Brian Hoefler
Ginger Hudson
Elise M. Huggins & Gary Prokosch
Catherine Ingle
Sandy & Marc Langland
Harry Deuber & Brian Lyons
David & Janet McCabe
Julianne McGuinness
Rosa Meehan  & Stanton Moll
John & Madge Oswald
Thomas & Catherine Petersen
Verna Pratt
Margaret & Mike Price
Jean Ramgorin
Julie Riley
Greg & Patsy Romack
Patrick & Debbie Ryan
William J. Schmid
Taylor Stinebaugh
Jan & Jeri van den Top
Paula Williams
Wendy Woolf  & Patrick Athey
Donor list updates 12/31/2017. If you donated to the Greenhouse Project and do not see your name here, our apologies! Our supporters are important to us! Please call so that we can make the correction. 907-770-3692. Thank you!

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