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Peonies come in an astonishing variety of colors and sizes. Fortunately, many of them are hardy in Alaska’s climate. If you’re an Alaskan gardener, you probably have at least one or two in your own planting beds.

Below is a list of currently planted varieties on display at ABG. Note that the list is sorted by accession number, which is based on the year it was received. We will add photos of the newer plants as they develop and flower (it can take multiple years for a peony to reach blooming stage).

* Denotes a new addition in 2015
** Denotes a new addition in 2016

1996-0328Peony'Miss America'Lower Perennial South Bed
1996-0329Peony'Glory Hallelujah'Lower Perennial South Bed
1996-0331Peony'Edulis Superba'Lower Perennial South Bed
1996-0332Peony'Silver Dawn Mix'Lower Perennial South Bed
1996-0336Peony'Fairbanks'NO IMAGELower Perennial South Bed
1996-0361Peony'Laura Dessert'Lower Perennial Mid Bed
1999-0011Peony'Marshmallow Button'Lower Perennial Half Moon Bed
1999-0012Peony'Raspberry Sundae'Lower Perennial Half Moon Bed
1999-0019Peony'Walter Faxon'Lower Perennial North Bed
1999-0084PeonyanomalaLower Perennial North Bed
1999-0095Peony'Rubra Plena'NO IMAGELile's Garden North Bed
1999-0096Peony'Red Charm'Lower Perennial South Bed
1999-0098Peony'Scarlet O'Hara'Lower Perennial South Bed
1999-5911Peony'June Rose'NO IMAGEHeritage Garden
2001-0208Peony'Kansas'Lower Perennial North Bed
2001-0264Peony'Fairy's Petticoat'Lower Perennial Half Moon Bed
2003-0132Peony'Coral Charm'Lower Perennial South Bed
2003-0133Peony'May Apple'Lower Perennial North Bed
2003-0144Peony'Largo'Lower Perennial Mid Bed
2003-0147Peony'Nick Shaylor'Lower Perennial Mid Bed
2005-0026Peony'Wind Chimes'Lower Perennial Half Moon Bed
2005-0039Peony'Garden Treasure'Lower Perennial South Bed
2005-0040Peony'Krinkled White'Lower Perennial Pavilion Bed
2006-0148Peony'Prairie Charm'Lower Perennial Pavilion Bed
2008-0107Peony'Shawnee Chief'NO IMAGELile's Garden North Bed
2008-0108Peony'Felix Supreme'NO IMAGELile's Garden North Bed
2008-0109Peony'Bowl of Beauty'Lile's Garden North Bed
2008-0110Peony'Karl Rosenfield'NO IMAGELile's Garden North Bed
2008-0111Peony'Felix Crousse'NO IMAGELile's Garden North Bed
2008-0112Peony'Adolphe Rousseau'Lile's Garden North Bed
2008-0113Peony'Kansas'Lile's Garden North Bed
2010-0040Peony'Hansina Brand'Lile's West Bed
2010-0043Peony'Early Scout'Lile's West Bed
2010-0046Peony'Angel Cheeks'Lile's West Bed
2010-0047Peony'America'Lile's West Bed
2010-0048Peony'White Cap'Lile's West Bed
2010-0052Peony'Burma Ruby'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2010-0054Peony'Sparkling Star'Lile's West Bed
2010-0055Peony'Moonstone'Lile's West Bed
2010-0056Peony'Elsa Sass'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0058Peony'Walter Mains'NO IMAGELile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0059Peony'Doris Cooper'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0060Peony'Many Happy Returns'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2010-0062Peony'Myra MacRae'NO IMAGELile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0063Peony'A. B. Franklin'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0066Peony'Pillow Talk'NO IMAGELile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0067Peony'Bowl of Cream'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0068Peony'Norma Volz'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2010-0069Peony'Westerner'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0070Peony'Mrs. A M Brand'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0074Peony'Mrs. J V Edlund'Heritage Garden
2010-0075Peony'Salmon Dream'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0077Peony'Bu-Te'NO IMAGELile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0080Peony'Sea Shell'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0081Peony'Do Tell'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2010-0084PeonyofficinalisLile's Garden Perimeter
2011-0057Peony'Buckeye Belle'NO IMAGELile's Garden Perimeter
2014-0006Peony'Paula Fay'Lile's West Bed
2014-0007Peony'Coral Sunset'Lile's West Bed
2014-0015Peony'Pink Hawaiian Coral'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2014-0188Peony'Cytherea'R&D Plot
2014-0189Peony'Bartzella'Lile's West Bed
2014-0191Peony'Ludovica'NO IMAGELile's West Bed
2014-0192Peony'Madame Emilie Debatene'NO IMAGELile's Garden Perimeter
2014-0193Peony'Old Faithful'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2014-0194Peony'Moon of Nippon'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2014-0212Peony'Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt'Lile's West Bed
2014-0224Peony'Easy Lavender'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2014-0380Peony'General MacMahon'NO IMAGELile's Garden North Bed
2015-0151 *Peony'Dolorodell'NO IMAGELile's West Bed
2015-0152 *Peony'Etched Salmon'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2015-0153 *Peony'Mothers Choice'Lower Perennial South Bed
2015-0154 *Peony'Chinese Dragon'Lile's Garden Perimeter
2015-0155 *Peony'Hephestos'R&D Plot
2015-0156 *Peony'Topeka Garnet'Lower Perennial South Bed
2015-0157 *Peony'Leda'R&D Plot
2015-0161 *PeonysmouthiiLile's Garden Perimeter
2015-0162 *Peony'Amalia Olson'Lile's West Bed
2015-0351 *Peony'Myra MacRae'NO IMAGELile's Garden Perimeter
2015-0379 *Peony'Golden Glow'NO IMAGEHeritage Garden
2016-0107 **PeonytenuifoliaLile's Garden Perimeter
2016-0108 **Peony'Mahogany'NO IMAGELile's West Bed
2016-0116 **Peony'Catharina Fontijn'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0117 **Peony'Charlies White'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0118 **Peony'Henry Bockstoce'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0119 **Peony'Jan Van Leeuwen'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0120 **Peony'Joker'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0121 **Peony'Marie Lemoine'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0122 **Peony'Primevere'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0123 **Peony'Snow Mountain'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0124 **Peony'Solange'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0125 **Peony'Stellar Charm'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0127 **Peony'Border Charm'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0134 **Peony'Mackinac Grand'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0136 **Peony'Boule de Neige'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0137 **Peony'Break of Day'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0138 **Peony'Noemie Demay'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0139 **Peony'Alba Plena'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0140 **Peony'Rosea Plena'NO IMAGER&D Plot
2016-0141 **Peony'Dunlora'NO IMAGER&D Plot
* New addition in 2015!
** New addition in 2016!

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