An Anchorage Heritage Garden Celebrating the Centennial

By Ginger Hudson, Nursery & Horticultural Special Projects Manager

In celebration of Anchorage’s Centennial, the Alaska Botanical Garden has created an Anchorage Heritage Garden. After much research in her area of interest, historical Alaska gardens, Ayse Gilbert designed and laid out the structure of the Heritage Garden for us to implement. Ayse combed historical files at the Anchorage Museum, UAA and UAF. She poured through reports from the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station. Additionally, local residents whose parents and grandparents lived in Anchorage in the early half of the twentieth century were interviewed. A list of heirloom plants was edited to our purposes and the search for source began. Some old garden plants were donated to ABG from long-time homesteads in South Central Alaska. The rest had to be sourced.

ABG did our best to find old varieties and heirloom seeds. With the rise in popularity of home gardening and a focus on non-adulterated seed, at this time heirloom seed availability is wonderful. In the summer of 2014, we had an excellent trial run of the Heritage Garden. The Garden was well received and admired. Since there was such great interest, this year we have acquired extra seed to offer to the local gardening community. Right now, we have a limited stock of seeds available of the same varieties we will be growing in the Garden.

2014_Greg_Evans_Alaska Homer Anchorage 206-1

A photo of Salpoglossis in the Heritage Garden by Greg Evans, summer 2014

One plant of note, Salpiglossis was a huge hit last year. We have stocked up on seeds! Salpiglossis does require darkness to germinate, so it is a little special. However, creative gardeners will make it work. If we sell out, we will bring in more seed to have available at our Spring Conference (April 10th & 11th).

Let ABG order your seeds and save you the shipping fee! In addition to these, we will be bringing in more garden seeds soon. We focus on varieties that will be successful for our region and not widely available anywhere else in town. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the garden:

Our office is open 10 am to 5 pm weekdays. Check our calendar page or Facebook page for upcoming workshops. All proceeds from sales of products from our Shop In the Garden fund educational, research and outreach programs. Thank you for your support of the Alaska Botanical Garden!

Heritage Garden growing list and seed availability 2015:
Green Wave Mustard, sustainable seed
Cauliflower, snowball self blanching, Baker Creek Seeds
Rutabaga, Swede Ostgota II, Baker Creek Seeds
Turnip, purple top white globe, Baker Creek Seeds
Turnip, Petrowski, Baker Creek Seeds
Carrot, Danvers 126 Half Long, Baker Creek Seed
Carrot, Chantenay Red Core, Baker Creek Seed
Kale, Blue Curled Scotch, Baker Creek Seed
Kale, Dwarf Siberian, Baker Creek Seed
Garden Pea, Tall Telephone, Baker Creek Seed
Garden Pea, Alaska, Baker Creek Seed,
Celery, Giant Golden Pascal, Sustainable Seeds
Beet, Detroit Dark Red, Botanical Interests
Nasturtium, Milk Maid, Baker Creek Seed
Nasturtium, Tall Trailing Mix, Baker Creek Seed
Nasturtium, Yellow Canary Vine, Topaeolum peregrinum, Baker Creek Seed
Snapdragon, Black Prince, Baker Creek Seed
Snapdragon, Tall Deluxe, pink, red, yellow, lavender and rose shades, Baker Creek Seed
Snapdragon, Appleblossom, old fashioned, Baker Creek Seed
Marigold Harlequin, yellow with red stripes, Baker Creek Seed
Calendula, Pacific Beauty Mix, yellow and orange solids, Baker Creek Seed
Calendula, Indian Prince, large orange, Baker Creek Seed
German Chamomile, Baker Creek Seed
Salpiglossis, Stained Glass, Renee’s Garden
Salpiglossis, Superbissima Blend, Botanical Interests
Poppy, Mission Bells California, Baker Creek Seed
Poppy, Zahir, Papaver somniferum, Horizon Herbs
Poppy, Hungarian Breadseed, Renee’s Garden
Poppy, Hungarian Blue, blue lavender flower, Botanical Interests
Fragrant Stock, ten week bouquet, Renee’s Garden
Pansy, Swiss Giant Blend, Botanical Interests
Pansy, Laura, velvety texture, Baker Creek Seeds
Pansy, Historic Florist Mix, Old Fashioned, Baker Creek Seed
Bachelor’s Button, blue boy, Botanical Interests
Bachelor’s Button, Black Boy, Baker Creek Seed
Alyssum sweet, Tiny Tim, Lobularia Maritima procumbens, Botanical Interests

Prices vary, some items were ordered bulk and have been repackaged.
Seeds are available in our winter Shop In The Garden located in our office! Office hours are Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm.

Anchorage Centennial

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