Board of Directors


The Alaska Botanical Garden’s Board of Directors is comprised of inspired community members who are excited about all that the Garden has to offer. If you are interested in joining the board, please contact Robin Dublin to learn more.

Board President                        Elaine Junge

Board Vice President                Marsha Burns

Board Treasurer                        William Schmid, CPA

Board Treasurer                        Faye Stiehm

                                                  Michael Ardaiz

                                                  Beth Baker, MD

                                                  Susan Brusehaber

                                                  Leslie Cornick, PhD.

                                                  Charlotte Fox

                                                  Steve Hennig

                                                  Cathy Sage

                                                  Emily Wiswesser

                                                 Jeff Lowenfels, Emeritus

Board Documents:

  • 2017 Board Documents click here.
  • 2016 Board Documents click here. 
  • 2015 Board Documents click here.
  • Board Binder click here.