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Lowenfels Family Nature Trail and Trail Guide

Lowenfels Trail Entry SignThe 1.1-mile trail is accessible at the south side of the garden, southwest of the Herb Garden. It travels through a variety of plant communities, down to Campbell Creek where you might see salmon, and past views of the Chugach Range. There are 2 sets of stairs along the trail. You will find a printed trail guide at the trail beginning and interpretive signs along the trail describing native plants, several geologic features, and several cultural features along the trail.
High Bush Cranberry
High Bush Cranberry Illustration by Cara Wardlaw-Bailey
Points of interest along the trail are:
  • Iditarod Trail
  • Horsetail - Equisetum arvense
  • High Bush Cranberry - Viburnum edule
  • Broomrape - Boschniakia rossica
  • Devil's Club - Echinopanax horridum
  • Spruce Beetle: A villain or just doing its job?
  • Bracket fungi - Polyporus betulina
  • Fool's Huckleberry - Menziesia ferruginea
  • Ostrich Fern - Matteuccia struthiopteris
  • Oak Fern - Gymnocarpium dryopteris
  • Lady Fern - Athyrium filix-femina
  • Willow dinner
  • Shifting Shorelines - Ice Age Debris
  • Chugach Mountains - Border Ranges Fault
  • Pink Flowered Wintergreens - Pyrola asarifolia
  • Sidebell Wintergreens - Prola secunda
  • Fox Holes
  • Grass Meadow
  • Bluejoint Grass - Calamagrostis canadensis
  • Berries and Bears
  • Spiny Club Moss - Lycopodium annotinum
  • Creeping Jennie Club Moss - Lycopodium complanatum
  • A Free Ride - Glacial Erratic
  • Stairstep Moss - Hylocomium splendens
  • Hairycap Moss - Polytrichum juniperinium
  • Wall Moss - Pleurozium schreberi
  • Paper Birch - Betula papyrifera
  • Labrador Tea - Ledum palustre
  • Dwarf Dogwood - Cornus canadensis

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